Oh god, I've ranted so many times to day, but when I do it on livejournal it's the end of all rants.
Here we go.

First, tomorrow I had to go to a friends house to work on this group project for Monday(4 of us). I honestly didn't want to go cause we have to go to this dude's house which lives in this like ~poor~ zone(I so mean). But either way, I would still go since studies are always first.

Well, at that same time(11PM), I have to meet up with my K-Pop friends to go to this event where there gonna dance and all(they have this big thing planned out, it's impressive).

I told them that I was going to go(and I really do want to go see them). Thus I decided that I'd go to that instead and not to work on the project.

Now to fuck things over more, I'm moving houses on Sunday, which is gonna be a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. It's only like 2 minutes away walking(literally ._.) but still. GAH

So like I was planning on packing today(yea, still haven't done it. xD Only done my shoes and clothes that I wouldn't be using until then) but when I was going to start, my Mom tells me that theres no boxes/anything to pack stuff into. Double fail.

That really ticked me off. <_< How are you gonna move houses and not even 40% of the stuff is packed and you have no boxes? Typical of my family. So, the boxes come tomorrow, but when the heck am I supposed to pack? Oh right, after the K-Pop event. It ends at 4/5 so I should be able to come home and pack in time for Sunday right? WRONG. The guy I met last Friday who I really like invited me out to meet up with him tomorrow, after the event. So I'll go directly to meet up with him after the event ends. I suppose I'll arrive home pretty late, around 9/10. WTF I'm supposed to pack at that time? -_- FML Oh so lets not forget the project for Monday. It's my very first class in the morning so I gotta do something! So I'm planning on searching up info and send it to the three that are gonna meet up tomorrow. Still haven't done it. TO make things worse, I haven't posted on StK since Sunday. What's the only good news this week so far? Getting featured on IW and achieving 700+ views today! New high! Lovely~ <3 So yea, apart from that mess, this week is gonna suck too. -Monday: presentation and drawing some cubes(Oh and having to arrive extra early to study for test on Thursday) -Tuesday: Nada!!! -Wednesday: HUGE project to do for a class. Will do that Tuesday night. D= Oh and staying late to study for test again. -Thursday: Have to build this big ass thing and take that damn test. :l -Friday: Dunno yet. OH GAWD. FML EXTREMEEEEEEEEEE Oh I know the worst thing though! When I move houses, I won't have internet until an x number of days! D= This is horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Giving it a try

So I've never had a serious relationship with anyone. Everyone is always surprised when I say that I've never had a boyfriend, but to me it's no big deal. Of course I get curious sometimes as to how it would be to actually have one...

Why do I neglect to have one(if it's even that)? Well, I say that I'm afraid of love. The few times that I've "hooked up" with someone(2-3 times), I've noticed that I get very attached. TOO attached, and I hate it. I'm afraid of getting my heart broken, afraid of every little thing that comes out of a relationship.

Then again, I'm not going to date someone that isn't my type, but I've had various opportunities where I could have dated someone, and I denied it only because they weren't the "perfect" person that I'm waiting for.

I have to get my head straight and deal with the fact that I will never find the perfect person.

From now on I'm going to give things a chance. Whether or not their my type, I'll at least go with it for a while. I mean, I'm gonna be 19 soon and I'm tired of being single!

I need my winter break!

Oops, long time no post. :x Well, everything's been about the same. Uni, uni, and more uni. :l

But but! Classes are ending soon! :0 Or well, the semester is anyway. <_< I'm anxious yet kind of worried cause things are going to get reaaal hectic around here. Not to mention that we start moving into the new house this month, so that'll just be an extra layer of annoyance on my already thick cake of life~ (whut?) OMG so like JASMINE's album is out... In two days! Although it only has like 4 new tracks or something, I'm really looking forward to it. *-* I've been meaning to review that fierce betch...


I'm totally in emo mode ya'll. Uni is ruining my life. D=

I have no time to do anything on the weekends, I spend like no time at home during the weekdays, I go to sleep at 3 every night, I have huge bags under my eyes, my grades have been moderate at best, I didn't go to rehearsal today and to top it off I haven't been able to make new posts or even play any video games(although I did get in a few hours of Monster Hunter Tri today and yesterday).

But... things might get better soon! The semester is ending(which a friend has told me that it's the cause of a ton of stress) so I'll get a break+change my schedule so I have classes in the morning.
Also, we might move houses! =o It's still in the same neighborhood as this one, just that it's A LOT bigger and so much better in every way. xD I even the third floor completely to myself! O_O

Oh, and I finally removed my labret piercings. :P I just got bored of em, like they ruined my image. Plus, I think it gave off the wrong idea to people, even though it didn't for me.

Anyway, see ya'll soon whenever I find free time to post. :(

I'm Annoyed

I've come to notice even more how much free time University has taken away from my life. This is how it goes.
- I wake up at 10. Have breakfast+check internet from like 10-10:30/45
- 11 till 11:45 shower, shaving, all that jazz
- 11:45 till 1-ish get dressed, do hair, make up, etc...
- 1:15 till 2 GET TO CLASSES
- 6:15 get out of classes
- 7-7:30 get home
- 8:30 finished eating/changing/organizing
- 9 till 10 check internet stuffz
- 10 till whenever I go to sleep do homework

Srsly, I can't live like this anymore. @-@ I hate waking up in the morning more than anything EVAR but it'll have to do so I can have a life again. :l

Oh and I got my haircut like Jonghyun! :D I loves it. *-*
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That's how each week has been this past month. >_< All of them go by uber quick, which doesn't leave me complaining~
Tomorrow is finally Friday, aka the day when I'll meet up with my fellow SHINee dance group members and practice. I was supposed to train by myself at home by I seriously had no time. :l Plus, I CAN'T dance in my room since I have like no space, not even a full length mirror. FAIL~

Also, my friend is gonna cut my hair! *-* I've always wanted to have a friend who can cut hair, so I'm real excited. Gonna get it to look like Jonghyun's. ;3

- I really want Mano's single. Maybe not as goof as HnA, but still awesome~
- Finally got money to buy new clothes! :D
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I want my free time back!

I have a ton of projects to do from now till Thursday, have my weekend all filled up with dancing practice and I've just been given a VERY bad grade on this activity the other day. D:

Ugh... It sucks so much. :\ I think an iPhone would make me feel better so i can complain about it on Twitter any time anywhere~ ;D /random+unnecessary

I don't even know why I'm posting this since it's so useless~

Random Crap~
- I've started piling up d/l's again. D= I should add them on iTunes now... o-o
- New Kylee single, woot! Although the song leaked like 2 weeks ago and the single comes out 7/7. idgi
- Haircut on Friday! :D Tots excited since my hair is waaaay to long atm. :x
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Mother's Day~

So it's mothers day and I feel kinda bad. :x I didn't get my Mom anything, not even a letter. D= All I dad was like hug+kiss her this morning. :\ I bet if I made her a letter or something she would start crying but I don't really know what to write in the letter. D=

Anyway, today's Sunday, my least favorite day of the week but at least there's nice, hot weather. ^-^ Today I plan to make and schedule some posts on StK for the week, since I know I'll be busy, play an hour or two of Left 4 Dead 2(I LOVE THIS GAME) and that's it. :x

My Mom's invited over family and stuff and their gonna do a bbq type of thing buuuuuut since I hate large family interactions like that, I'll just be stuffed in my room all day. ^-^ Oh and I have a lot of homework to do. :l

Have a nice day ya'll~ <3
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Finally posting something~

Whew, it's been like what, 4/5 months since I last posted? xD Oh well, lazy me~
Anyway, I'm in university now. *-* Studying graphic design~ I'm liking it so far, except it's too much manual work. -o- Like, I personally rather be on a computer all day instead of having to draw and color and all that stuff. :l Sometimes I think I should have just taken photoshop classes. xD But hey, where is that gonna get me? >:\ Nowhere~

Being a uni student is a lot more stressful than I thought. o: I find myself going to sleep at like 2/3/4 AM every night and since I start classes at 1:45 and come back home around 7PM, I have zero to little free time. :l Thus why I haven't been able to post on my blog as much as I used to.
I'm thinking of changing my schedule to the morning so I can get home at like 2 and have actual free time. xp

Anyway, I gotta get all pretty and stuff to go meet up with my fellow K-Pop fanatic friends~ Gonna meet the two new recruits that do Minho and Onew for out new SHINee tribute group. All we're missing now is a Taemin. Tbh, so far our group is made up of all attractive guys. xD

We're gonna get so many fans I bet. 8)
Bye ya'll~

Officially a high school graduate!

I finally freakin' did it!!! It's over! >_< Yesterday, I graduated from my senior year of high school~~~~~ Gah, its such a relief. -o- Really. :3
Yesterday I wasn't really nervous, nor scared, or extremely happy or sad. I just think it hasn't hit me yet. xp Or maybe it isn't just a big deal, meh I dunno. xp

I'm just glad I have time to myself now~ Next is a university and... blah. xp For now, I just wanna relax at home and do what I enjoy doing best, mess around on my PC. ;D